My First NIY (Nail It Yourself) Nail Tutorial! :D

11:45 PM

I used Anna's hand to do the American flag NIY, while with her other hand she held and recorded the whole tutorial.  


This is my very FIRST NAIL TUTORIAL, and I'm very excited to show you guys! :D I had a lot of fun putting the video and the Polaroid taped pictures together (I made the pics on Gimp), even though at times editing the video was frustrating, only cause I'm a newb at it, but it totally payed off! :D

So, I've always wanted to make a nail art tutorial since several yrs ago, but I didn't muster enough confidence to do one, till noooow! :D  Some of you earlier this yr told me to make a nail art tutorial and well, that encouraged me , and also, to know that you guys had an interest :) .  So I came up with a bunch of ideas, even non-holiday ideas, & I will be showing you guys this month (can't wait!), and I came up with a few for the 4th of July, so I told Anna, "Let's make a nail art tutorial!" And she agreed with excitement, and well, the rest is history! ;D hahaha

By the way,  NIY (Nail it yourself) is my idea, and I came up with it several months ago, while dreaming of making nail tutorials, and I wanted a logo name, if that's what's it called?  I first thought of Nailed it, but later found out other girls use it, so I was bummed. But shortly while thinking up a new title name, I was thinking of DIY nail art, and boom it hit me, NIY! I was like, "OMGOD! YEAH! Nail art is a form of DIY!" And so that's how NIY was born, lol . And to make sure this wasn't out there, I googled NIY nail it yourself, and found nothing related to nail art. How awesome, I thought, that this is my word, lol :D. And I hope people won't use this word for their nail idea projects, it's my baby, and no one can have it. :P And if the Man Repeller copy righted 'arm party' , then I can copy right NIY :D
Be like me and Leandra and make up your own sh!t. :P

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