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Hi guys! :)
So 2 weeks ago, I was contacted by Kendra Thornton, who is a travel expert and has been featured on t.v. shows, like Tyra Banks & Nate Berkus. She shares her traveling tips of planning,  packing and has started a new project about fashion that is related to traveling. So that's where I come in, she asked me if I'd like to participate in a fashion challenge, 'Kendra's Night Out Challenge' and I accepted and so she gave me the info so I can put an outfit idea together for her based on the info.

A Fashionable Vacation
"In just a short time, I will get to add another exciting must see travel destinations to my done list. Yes, I am off to NewYork City to meet up with a group of friends. Here’s the only dark cloud on my otherwise sunny horizon, I do not have a thing to pack. I am a mom with 3 children and spend my days reading parenting magazines not fashion magazines. So I have put together the Kendra Fashion Challenge to get some ideas from fashionistas on what to buy and wear.
In our quest to find New York City’s best food, we decided to go out for at least one special meal. One of my friends recently returned from a trip to Los Angles and was raving about the food at the Biergarten at the Standard High Line Hotel, Los Angles. After a quick Internet search, we discovered a Biergarten at their location in New York City. It was decided. We are going to indulge in some German food cooked by Chef Kurt Gutenbrunner. In the summer, this is an outdoor restaurant, but as the weather turns cold it becomes a glass-enclosed eatery. After enjoying perfectly cooked sausage and fresh pretzels, we will take our beers and play a rousing game of ping-pong. It is sure to be a great time!
Once we decided on a visit to the Big Apple, I turned to my favorite travel website, I read through reviews written by expert travelers who have recently visited New York City and the sights I was interested in visiting. Armed with their tips and recommendations I created our itinerary. Even if we decide to deviate from my schedule, I know that we are going to have a fabulous time walking the busy streets and visiting some of New York City’s mostluxurious hotels like the Standard High Line Hotel. Also, I know with a little help I will have a couple of new stunning outfits to make sure I am turning heads in the Big Apple!

And here are my ideas :)
I honestly became indecisive, so I made 3 outfit ideas for her.
When I saw google images of the hotel, I quickly visualized a fitted dress slightly above the knee, so I went with that style of dress. The middle dress was the first outfit I put together, I fell in love with it, it's a Victorian Lace Caletto dress and it's so damn beautiful and I couldn't say no to it! I wanted to keep it simple, I thought since the dress is so beautiful, I didn't need to over accessorize, and I rather wanted to keep it simple and feminine, by adding a pearl ring and earrings. I picked a gold color clutch because it bounces off nicely from the gold pearl earrings to the gold clutch :) As for the shes, I picked this open-toe sandal because it kind of has a old school vibe to it, it's so classy, and I thought it would look nice with the dress. :)

The 2nd outfit I put together was the 3rd one, I didn't want to do another dress, so I thought peplum tops! They're really cute, and they always look nice, and they can be worn casually or not, added a pencil skirt, but you can wear white skinny jeans or skinny pants with the peplum top, I wish I can go back and change it, dammit! :/  I added gold accessories (necklace, earrings, cuff, bag), because white and gold look so great together, it has a nice rich feel. For the shoes, I thought a open toe sandal will look nice with the outfit :)

And for the 3rd outfit, the blue dress, I was attracted to the color and the texture...SUEDE! :D I thought ooooooo, this is simple, a bit different and I wanna have fun with it! So I added a fun colorful bib necklace, it goes great with the blue, so fun and playful :D And the shoes, I added a red blue shoe to match up with the blue dress and I love that the sides are transparent, because I think it would make the shoes not so dominant you know? Like I would want the main focus to be on the blue dress and the necklace :)
For accessories, I added stack-able gold rings, a spiked ring and spine brass ring, to go with the fun theme of the outfit. As for the clutch, I really liked the neutral color against the blue, I honestly didn't know what color the clutch should be, I first thought of red, but I felt the red and blue of the dress might be too much, like competing with each other? So when I tried out the neutral clutch, I really liked it, it doesn't take attention away from the dress and necklace. :)

What do you guys think of the outfit ideas?


*By the way, I was not paid to do this post, I just wanted to join the challenge just for fun :)

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