ModCloth, Uniquely You Weekly Challenge!

11:54 PM

Hi guys! :D
I was asked by a Modstylist if I was interested in participating in a challenge for ModCloth, 
and I of course said YES, because I love ModCloth so much, I always heart their clothes and accessories on polyvore, they always have such cute and unique things!
Amy a Modstylist, gave me this dress (as a picture) and told me to style it, and this is what I came up with! :D
When I saw the dress (Twirl Next Door Dress), I quickly envisioned a girl wearing the dress and holding a woven basket with a straw hat and wedges, going out for a stroll through the woods or a park with lots of trees and a dirt road, that scenery was my inspiration. 
So with that in mind, I found ModCloth items that best matched what I imagined, like the bag, it is just so perfect! I LOOOVE IT SOO MUCH! So playful! It gives an illusion that it's a basket woven bag, but it's really a tote bag, so cute right?!
Everything else, the hat, wedges, belt, rings - (clock ring, fox ring) and earrings I just wanted to keep simple and I suppose lady like with a hint of modern.
As for the make up I wanted to keep it simple and minimal, a classic warm red lip color, a black liquid eye liner to do a classic wing look, and lastly a neutral eye shadow palette. :)
I love this set, I enjoyed working on it, I'm so jealous, I just want to hop into the picture, and wear everything and take a timeless stroll through nature :) Perfect day it shall be! :D

There are other dresses on ModCloth that I think are great for a stroll at the park or the outdoors,
check out some of my favs, sleeveless dress, cute peter pan collar dress, another cute peter pan dress, cute celestial A-line dress, a polka dot red and white dressa darling floral dress & a cute floral twofer dress

What do you guys think of the outfit?


*I wasn't paid to do this post or anything, I just happily accepted the ModCloth weekly challenge :)

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