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Hey everyone! :D
So in my update post, I said, I'll show you guys my illustrations that are fashion related that I did in my illustration class in the past months. My teacher wanted us to find a book from a thrift store and use that book as our alternative sketchbook, so we could draw in it, paint in it, cut the pages, really anything we wanted to do, just as we would do art on regular sketchbooks and art papers. Every weekend and some days over the week, I would do a few pages of art, ranging from darkish to fashion related to cute. Some ideas were random, and most were planned, and most of the mediums I used were, watercolors, ink, acrylic, gesso, cut outs, glitter and embroidery. :)

I truly enjoyed doing this 5 month assignment, it freed my soul and my creative thoughts, it made me so happy, so I wanted to do a page of, About the Artist, and write how I felt about this alternative sketchbook. :D
I still very much Lita's :)

Cut Outs & glitter :)
It was very fun to do
More cut outs, these were the cut outs from the Keep Calm and Pink On page :)
This idea was totally random :D

I think I'm going to go back and add text in the background, I feel it's empty and needs something :)
Initially I wanted to color the girl, but I decided to keep it in the raw look, 
with the sketch outlines and the inking :)

I enjoyed inking it, was fun and it came out better than I thought it would come out! :D 

Blue Hair Don't Care, I had fun drawing and water-coloring this page :D 

This page is one of my fav's, it's so cute, I had fun with this as well :)
Hair Bun
I love this spread, it's inspired from notebook paper, which then inspired me the feeling of school girls, which then got me the feeling of Clueless. :) Plaid, Knee High Socks, Daisy flowers &  #Whatever ;D 

I did 4 illustration pages of the blogger Violet, I've been a long time fan of her, and decided to draw some of the images of her, ones that I thought were cool and beautiful :)
I absolutely loved drawing her, it was really fun :D
 I love her beauty and had to draw her when I saw this picture :)
I felt the background was too empty and felt I should add something, so I added a speech bubble, and took the words off from a movie clip scene that she posted onto her blog. :) 
This is my other fav spread! :D This spread got into the illustration show at my uni :D
both pages are illustrations of Violet ♥♥ Left page & right page 
The page on the right is embroidered. :)

Still life illustration, I bought wet n wild lipsticks and a nail polish in red shades in May, so I drew them, I wanted to do a fun girly magazine beauty section feel and for the first time, I loosely water colored, and I really liked it, it was fun to paint not so perfectly.

And this is a continuous alternative sketchbook of the first book, because, the first book got in the illustration show, for a few weeks, and so I had to get a 2nd book and continue on with my ideas :)
For the 2nd book I put a surprise, a music sound to go with the paper doll spread, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper, I thought how perfect for fashion! :D  
I've always wanted to make paper dolls, I've attempted it in my teen yrs, but it failed, cause the paper was regular printing paper, FAIL! lol So yeah, now that I have proper art supplies, I really wanted to make one for this 5 month assignment. I enjoyed drawing, coloring and PLAYING WITH IT!!! :D Sooo much fun! It was like being a kid all over again, oh man, if I had this set as a kid, I would have tons of fun with it, because there's so many fashionable choices to put together as a outfit, it's endless fun!~ 
I def. want to make more paper dolls, but a bit bigger :D

Anyways, which art work is your favorite?  :)


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