My Summer Beach Essentials!

9:52 PM

Hi guys, happy Friday! :)

I'm a pretty simple person, so I there isn't much essentials for me, I just feel the NUMBER ONE ESSENTIAL IS OBVIOUSLY...SUNSCREEN! RIGHT?! ;) Gotta protect your skin! 

2. A pair of sunnies, classic/retro & oversized round sunnies are my fav, they look so great with a bikini/bathing suit, especially a retro bikini (which are my favs! :D )

3. A beach tote bag, I absolutely looove this Chanel one, so cute!

4. One piece cover up, like a romper to wear above your bathing suit/bikini for later on

5. A pair of cute cut off shorts (I finally OWN A PAIR, just like the one in my style board, it's soo perfect for the beach! :D )

6. A pair of flip flops ( yes, I'm a flip flop girl :P) These are from Personal Creations, and these are pretty cool, because you can personalize them by having your name on them! :D 

7. A floppy hat, because they're so classic to wear on the beach with your bathing suit :)

9. Cell phone, to listen to music as you lay around on the beach, just chillin and what not :)

10. A Fuji insta Polaroid, because I think it's a cool and fun way to make memories, to have the cool retro feel :)

11. A yummy snack, for me...something sweet! ;)

And that's pretty much it!

What are some of your summer beach essentials?


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