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So I was invited to check out the new fall collection for Gap over the weekend and I must say, their collection has a tiny bit of edge. I found out that Gap, since it started out as a denim company, always had blue shades of denim, and different washes, but they never had the color BLACK in their stores! SO WEIRD!!! I was shocked to hear that. That I mentally took a trip down memory lane and remembered from my past as a kid until my teens that I do always remembered seeing color in the Gap stores. I remember, I believe it was last fall, I was at a Gap store, and I was looking at their sweaters, and yeah, the colors were neutrals and olive greens, but I don't remember seeing black. Pretty interesting. WELL....IT'S ABOUT TIME! ;) 
So in this collection, there's black denim, which they never had before, and the grey scale of colors for jeans. The other colors are, in the darkish colors of navy blues, and greys. 
So for this fall collection, Gap's campaign is to Dress Normal & that Style is Free.
Style is free for sure, but at the same time, it leaves me feeling confused when they say dress normal, because, what is normal? Everyone has their own definition of what normal is when it comes to style. Unless they think normal is the standard black and white look with less color? Style comes within, style comes from experimenting with fashion, and style comes with confidence, most importantly! If you don't have confidence, then you don't own style, the clothes are just wearing you. It also comes with knowing who you are, what you like, what you dislike, and most importantly being true to yourself, being authentic, which I agree with Gap. When you're being you, and you have confidence in what you are wearing, you are owning your style.You are free with style. If one isn't confident, with what they're wearing, they are trapped with the clothes they are wearing, because either 1, the clothes they're wearing aren't them and 2 they don't have confidence.

~Style is free once you know who you are and you're confident within yourself. ~
And that's when you dress in a normal way, not being a fake. :)
So yeah, that's the message behind Gap's fall campaign, 
to be your true self and to dress authentically. ;)

The mannequin in the middle that's wearing a two tone top is the same style as the mannequin in the window display, but in the black and grey version. I realllly love the black and grey version

I loved these two, I loved the parka jacket, it's like such a essential for fall
And I loooved the plaid top in grey. I loved that the body was plaid, and the sleeves and collar are just plain solid grey. And speaking of the collar, I loved it, gave off a boyish look, I also loved the fit

Corduroys are in for their fall collection
I loooved the grey ombre corduroys, I thought it was cool and gave a lil edge :)

Loved their blazers, such nice quality, and I also loved their skinny denims
I loooved the styling of these mannequins♥♥

Again, loved the collar of the button down shirt and loved the plaid print :)

It sure is ;)

Here are some of my fav pieces from the Gap :)
I loooved this black denim jacket, I quickly took notice of the collar, I thought it was very cool, and I just loved the raw cut, it so gives it a edgy feel, so very modern and just different! It's amazing how little details on clothes will make the clothing stand out! I love it! ♥♥♥♥

And I loooooooved this top!!! 
I had to touch it, and boy it's good quality *insert heart eyed emoji face* lol
I'm a big fan of button downs, and this seems like a essential piece to have in the closet, because, everyone needs a white button down. ♥♥♥♥

Loved them, they look comfy and cool to wear, plus I loved the zippers on the joggers, it kind of gave a edgy look. :)
Loved this, mainly because of the awesome collar, which is like the black denim jacket, has that raw cut

 And here are the skinny jeans. I loved the grey colors, the light greys and the dark grey.
 Loved the ankle booties

Loved this, because of the see-through

 Loved this as well, thought it was a cute top. :)
I thought this was a cool top, loved the two tone dark colors of the grey and the black and love the zipper at the back. ♥♥♥♥

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! :)

*What do you guys think of Gaps campaign message of dressing normally?*


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