What I Loved/Liked From A.L.C. Resort 2012 Collection

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My Collage

Left to Right
1. Loove the fitted trousers, the simplicity of it and color! I also love the coat the plain but nice look it it.
2. I like the skirt. Love the high slit and like that the whole skirt is white but on the right side there's
a black veritcal line. Makes the skirt interesting.
3LOOOOVE THE BLOUSE! Love the color of it, and love the plain look to the blouse
4LOOVE THE BLAZER and color of it! (I think the model is pretty ☻)

Left to Right 
6. Love the outfit, loove the color!
7. Like the jacket and love the high slit skirt.
Left to Right 
9. I kind of like this dress. I love the sheerness to the dress and the flow, and like the neon yellow/green
at the bottom of the dress. And I like the black edge of the V-neckline. 
10. Like this. Looove the neon color, and it just looks comfy to wear, and you can wear a shirt or tank underneath the tunic. I also love that there's a front zipper of the tunic.
11. Love the jacket! I love the plain simplicity of it, and love the white pants too.
12LOOOOOOVE THIS LOOK! MY FAV FROM THE COLLECTION! Love the nautical look, and those shorts are soo cute! ♥♥♥♥
Left to Right
13. Love this outfit too. Love the sheer blouse and loove the...I'm guessing it's leather? :)
14. Looove the sheer top and love the slit flow skirt
16. I sort of like this, I like the print of the dress, and love the zipper at the front and how it stop above the knee.

Left to Right
17. Love the blazer, and love the fitted trousers, I love that there is a vertical black line at the sides of the trousers. :)
18. Love the prints of the blouse and the pants. There's something relaxing of the 2 pieces, maybe it's the print. 
19. I loove this, except I don't like the slit on the mid-section. I looove the neckline though

Overall, I looved the collection, I love the simplicity of every piece, it's laid back, looks comfy and there's an ease to them. :) Oh and I never heard of this label, first time hearing and seeing their stuff! :)

***What did you think of A.L.C.'s resort collection?***

*Images from style.com

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