What I Loved/Liked From Alice + Olivia's Resort 2012 Collection

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My Collage

Left to Right
1. Loove the pleated sheer maxi skirt
2. Love the top, and the see through holes of it. :) And of course I LOOOOVE THE SKIRT! I want a skirt like that! :D
3. LOOOVE THE BEAUTIFUL DRESS!!  Loove the pink with the white, and love how it flows! So much fun, & VERY SUMMERY! :D  I also love her round sunnies

Left to Right
4. Love the maxi dress, I love how the colors fade.
5. Like the skirt, I love the colored stripes and love the variation of the stripes, and love how the skirt flows.
Also I loove the belt!
6. I like the long draped vest. I love how they accessorized the outfit with white and black against the full turquoise outfit. :D **Don't you?** :)
7. Love the outfit, I love the top, so fun and love the black pencil skirt. Love the hat and sunnies as well.

Left to Right
8. I LOOVE THIS! MY FAV!! I love the two yellow colors! I love the strapless top, loove the adorable ruffles, love the skirt. I also love that they belted the belt in hot pink and for the shoes paired it up with purple shoes! Nice fun touch! :D ♥♥♥♥
9. Loove this dress! I love the skirt part, the different black's and love that the back is black and the front is white. :) Love the model's hair, the hat, accessories and love the wedges!
10. LOOOVE THIS OUTFIT! ♥ I looove THE TOP! I'd love to make a top like that, loove the looseness of it and of course...THE PURPLE SEQUENCES!! ♥♥♥♥
11. like the maxi dress.

Left to Right
13. LOOOOVE THIS!! So cute romper! I love the neckline. ♥♥♥♥
14. LOOOOOVE THE TOP! Love the sheerness of it, and wish I can make a shirt like this too. ♥♥♥♥
15. Love the blazer  

Left to Right
16. LOOOVE THE BLOUSE! I like the skirt too, like the colors of it. :)
17. LOOOOVE THIS TOP! I love that the neckline is a beige color, and the black is sheer, I just love the design of the top, very COOL! :D ♥♥♥♥
18. Love the outfit, love the tank and the skirt !
19. Love the maxi dress, love the neckline. :)

20. LOVE THE TOP! It either has sequences or it's a peek-a-boo top.

But this time... IT'S REALLLY FUN AND COLORFUL! Def. one of my FAV'S of their past collections!  I loved/liked almost every piece/outfit. I looove how every outfit has color, and how it's accessorized in different colors, but it still complements the outfit, and loove the colorful background too! I need to learn to to play with color like Alice + Olivia's Resort collection! :D

***What did you think of the collection?***

**Images from Style.com

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