Sisiter's & Sister's Illustration

10:55 PM

An illustration I did for Sister's & Sister's.

They left a comment in my past illustration post , saying they needed a logo for their blog, and I didn't think I could come up with something creative, but boy was I WRONG! :D  One night I couldn't go to sleep, so I grabbed my sketchbook, and I started to doodle fashion ideas for myself. But while drawing, I kept thinking  about the Sister's & Sister's comment. So I tried out different logo ideas, and after a few ideas, I CAME UP WITH THIS IDEA!! :D I IMMEDIATELY LOVED THE IDEA! It's creative and cool, and it made me happy and excited! At that point, I knew this was the idea, and I decided that I was going to surprise them with the illustration! :D
 I looove to surprise people, it makes me happy knowing that I'm going to make someone else happy :D
I reallly enjoyed doing this fun creative drawing, and it was easy to draw them! :D

Check out Sister's & Sister's, they both have a nice fashion style, & cool pics. :)

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