My Illustration for Modanista Junkie- "Cake Dress"

6:54 PM

For this illustration I used :
Black filt tip marker
Prismacolor pencils
Prismacolor markers
White acrylic paint

Melrod, from Modanista Junkie is my FIRST blogger girl to draw, and I was happy, when she told me to draw her, after she saw my Express Catalog Illustration, because, I was already planning on to draw and surprise her! :D  

I picked this picture of her, because, I loved the dress, it's fun, something different and I liked her pose. :)

I thought it would be hard to color the dress, because of the shading parts of the ruffles, but IT WAS ACTUALLY PRETTY EASY! I was shocked lol, and was scared for nothing, because I was scared I would screw up on the drawing! It was the EASIEST PART TO COLOR of the illustration! :D 
I'm happy to do this drawing for you Melrod, your a sweet, nice person, and thank you for always checking in on my blog and leaving real comments from the heart! :)  
You guy's should check out her blog, she has awesome D.I.Y ideas, and she has a nice style! :)

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