Swept Away In Florals

3:41 PM



When H2O is out of reach - Fruitables is here to stay! *Slluuurrpp!* Smile with tongue

It is i, Anna. :)
The Identical Twin Sister of Eliza.

Also known as the photographer for Eliza.

I have been swept away from this detailed, bold printed crochet top that i purchased from the store Papaya 

(The  crochet top was the last in stock at the Papaya store) !

I love it because i can dress it up or down!  I think it is a versatile piece! ♥

 You have just viewed my very first fashion post!
Photos were taken by Eliza! <3

♥Thank You, ALL for taking your time and checking out my post! Whoopie! ♥
Happy Monday, to ALL!  :D

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