Street Style @ The Northridge Mall

10:47 PM

Loved her romper, so cute and loved that she paired neon yellow socks to go with her outfit, it went well with her colorful floral romper. :D I also loved her oxfords.

Loved her outfit, everything goes nicely, and LOOVED HER NECKLACE!
I think it tops off the outfit, nice touch! :D 

I liked her floral tunic, and she was wearing light washed denim shorts.

Loved her look! I loved that she paired her outfit with a floral printed scarf! :D
Love her huge bag as well.
I later at night found out that she was a worker at, I think @ Love yikes....I hope I didn't make her late, by asking her for an outfit pic. :S

On Saturday, I was at the Northridge mall with Anna, and I decided to take street style pics, but oh my was reallly hard to take outfit pics of people at the mall, because people were either too busy shopping, were in a rush, or they looked at me weirdly and one girl who was wearing a really nice white fur vest with white soft ruffles said no to me. -.- I LOOOVED HER VEST!  I was hoping she'd say yes, so I could take a close up pic of her vest.  :/
 So, I was only able to get 4 street style pics, boy.... asking people @ the greek festival, WAS SUCH A BREEZE! It was WAAAY EASIER, and I HAD LOADS OF FUN, this time around, DIFFERENT STORY! : /

To the girls, that were cool about me taking their pics, THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!! :D

*More photo pics of the mall to come later this week!  So stay TUNED

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