What I Loved/Liked From Kevork Kiledjian Spring 2012 R-T-W Collection

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1. Looove this short dress, love the detailing on the hip area and down the hem of the dress.

2. Love the sheer top and the cropped jacket, I think it's very cool. :D I want it

3. I like the details on the hips, think it's cool, and love that it's sparkly. :D

4. Love the sheer shirt, and love the white pants.

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5. Looove the jacket!!

6. I like this dress, I like the cuts on the middle of the body, I love that there's lace.

7. I like the jacket. The short dress, is pretty hot, I would love it if it was black. :D lol

8. Looove the pants!

Left to Right

9. Love the lace shirt. 

10. LOOOOVE THIS DRESS!!! I think it's so sexy, love the sheer fabric, and like the print of the fabric. :) ♥♥♥♥

11. Looove the vest

12. I want to see the skirt. :/ 

Left to Right

13. Love this dress, I think it's fun, thought, I would loooove this dress in black. :D

14. Like this dress, like the high slit, love the color, and like the fit of the dress. :)

15. Like this dress, I think it's nice, & love the top part of the dress.

16.  Like this dress, and like the print of the fabric. :)

Left to Right

17.  LOOOVE THIS DRESS! SO CUTE!! I love the design of the dress @ the top area, really cool. And I love how the fabric flows at the end ♥♥♥♥  I would want this dress. :D

18. I love the fabric of this dress, love that it's shiny :D, and I also like that there's a sheer fabric underneath the dress. 

19. I looove the model's face, so beautiful, interesting and strong. :D  I like the dress, love the sheer fabric @ the end, love how it flows.

20. Love the blazer, love that the blazer is shiny. :)

Left to Right

21.  LOOOVE THIS DRESS! Love everything about it. ♥♥♥

22. LOOOOVE THIS DRESS!!  I love that there's a cut @ the side of the model's waist. :) ♥♥♥♥

*Images from style.com

Watch live streaming video from kevorkkiledjian at livestream.com

Overall, I liked this collection, though, I loved his fall R-T-W 2011 & his resort 2012 collections more than this collection. I guess, I was hoping to see edgy clothes like from his past collections, that I just mentioned. But, I can't wait to see what he does in his next collection! :D

 I found of Kevork Kiledjian over summer, while I was looking through style.com in the Resort 2012 section, and I saw the name Kevork, while scrolling down, and I was like...:O and saw his last name, and I was like,*GASPSOMGODHE'S ARMENIAN!!! lol :D I checked out his work, and was wowed, I really love his work, it's simple, edgy and sexy . I wanted to know more of the Parisian designer, and found out that he's the designer of Guilty BrotherhoodI LOOOOOOOVE GUILTY BROTHERHOOD!! I found of Guitly Brotherhood over spring of this yr, while looking through a online mag, and I saw a AD by Guilty Brotherhood, and looooved the sexy, edge style, that I HAD to check out their site and I was an INSTANT FAN! :D  ♥ 

I'm so happy to see a Armenian designer in New York fashion week. I have seen in the past of a few Armenian designers showcasing their designs over Fashion Week, but, I just wasn't a fan of their clothes/designs, but nevertheless, it was cool to see a few Armenian designers. :)

*What did you guys think of Kevork Kiledjian's collection?*

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