My Patrizia Pepe Bag (the giveaway I won).....

4:03 AM

Arrived yesterday, in the afternoon and I was SOOOO HAPPPY, when my mom told me it arrived!! :D YAYYYY!!!  I was again, worried, that it went to another neighbor's home, but gladly it didn't! :D

At first I though, it was a clutch of some sort, and I told, Anna, "Oh I could put my money in here, I need a new wallet anyways". lol 
But then I though, what if, it's one of those little bags, that you open and unfold and it turns out to be a tote bag?  AND IT WAS!!  It's A TOTE BAG!! :D
It's pretty neat how they folded it and all, to make it look like a little bag. :)

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