My Portrait Painting

9:28 PM

Soooo you guys have seen pics of my face before on the blog, but now here's a painting of my face!
This is a Portrait assignment for my oil painting class, and welll...I just hope the potrait will look like me once I do the details and what not at the end. Because, I'm not liking how it is looking right now :/,  I did my proportions a bit off, like, I guess what bugs me the most, is my nose, it's not that long, the space between my bridge or between my eyes to the tip of my nose is actually short, but damn, I wasn't paying attention and didn't realize I made my nose long. :(  I wish I can fix it, but that means if I push my nose up, I have to push the mouth area up, and also move up my chin. I also don't like that my portrait is looking too around the cheek areas, annnnd I made my face long. I pretty much stretched out my face, without realizing what I did.  I'd really would like to fix it, but damn, too much work, I just hope I can some how try to manipulate the oil paint and try to fix what I don't like without moving my features. :/   
I don't know, I'll see what happens and what my mood is if I have patience to re-do my portrait. :P

I'll be busy doing this painting tomorrow and until the coming Thursday, soooo.......I don't know if I can blog anything by then. :/ 


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