My April Music Playlist Of The Month!

12:00 PM

I NEVER thought I would like K-POP! This song grew on me, and I went from sort of liking it to LOVING IT pretty quickly! LOL. I think it's a cute lil catchy pop song. :) I really like the video, I loove how they dance, and the video of where the girls are dancing in a plain background wearing the black outfits and the way they dance, that part reminded me of Beyonce's video, Put A Ring On It.  I loove all their voices, really nice, and like the lil hip hop part, I think it's cool. :) I also looove their colored polka-dot dresses, sooo coool and fun!   

Love Disco Fries, this is a great dance song, I loove the beats, just very upbeat! :D
I also loooooooove the males vocals, soooooo gooood!
I have listened to this song almost everyday, just because I reallly looove the guys vocals ♥ 

LOOOOOOOOVE THIS SONG!! Oh my gosh, loove how it starts, EVERY BIT OF THIS SONG IS SOOO DAMN GOOOD!!! It has a old skool flava of the hip hop rhymes, man, I LOOOVE IT!!!
Loove how NWA rhymes

Looove this song! This is the first time of hearing of this band, and I instantly fell in love with the song! I loove the singers voice and, overall this song is catchy and very fun! :D
I loooove NYLON, they always find great music!

Looove this song, like the guy's voice and how he sings/raps.
I also loove the lil dubstep in the song, really great! :D

This is a FUN SONG! I have no idea what language their speaking in, but still, very fun and energetic, which I looooove, absolutely love the beats! :D Looove Cazzette, they make great music!

I love most of the songs, but my fav songs are, In the air, Where did you go(Looove the singers voice, soo nice :D), Body Work, Video (looove that song sooo much!) and Addicted. I have listened to this album edition EVERYDAY!
Love Morgan Page, and I thought this was verrrry cool for him to do this podcast @ a sneak peek preview of his new album for his fans!

Loove the song, Let Go by Dragonette
Her voice in this song kind of reminds me of Tegan & Sara.

It's nice music to chill too, just nice good vibes. :D

Love this song, love the lyrics and indeed it's a FUN SONG! ;D
Also love the slow motion video :)

Grouplooooooove, gotta love them! :D
Such a fun song looove it! I loove the girls part when she rhymes, so fun and cool! :D Oh and I JUST NOTICED her skeleton earrings! HOW AWESOME!

DEAD SARA!!! LOOOOOVE THIS BAND! OH MY GOSH, I remember when I first heard this song on the radio, while doing my painting earlier this month, I was like, WHOOOAAA....WHO IS THIS BAND?! I LOOOOVE HER VOCALS! JUST SOOO DAMN ROCK AND ROLL! And it has been like FOREVER since I heard a reallly good rock and roll band with AMAZING BAD ASS VOCALS, like the lead singer of Dead Sara. I am absolutely in looove with her vocals, it's just amazing! I am glad they were found, because I miss hearing bad ass rock music! :D Totally a new fan!

Another good fun catchy song by Neon Trees, they're pretty good at making catchy songs. ;)

Who hasn't listened to this song?! I loove this song, sooo beautiful, and I also love the video, ELEPHANTS!!! I looove towards the end, when the elephants are reunited at the desert? Sooooo beauuutiful! Ah, I wish I can be there I never saw this video till now, soooo excuse me. :D lol.

I AM SOOOO HAPPY THAT GARBAGE IS MAKING A COME BACK! I MISS THEM!  And this song, is just sooooo AWESOME!! I LOOOOVE SHIRLEY MANSON'S VOICE! SHE ROCKS! This song is great just like the bands older music, their music style sounds the same to me, which I love, I'm glad they didn't change their style, like you know how some bands they take a break and when they come back together their music style a bad change O.o, BUT not in the case with GARBAGE! :D

Such an awesome song, I looove Jack's vocals, sooo greaaat!
I loove the part when he sings," Who's jealous, who's jealous, who's jealous of who", SOOO GREAT! :D  I also loooove the guitar play
Loove Jack White!

I heard of this song MONTHS AGO, buuuut...never actually listened to the song until this month!
I actually heard this song, but only like a few seconds of it on soundcloud, and welll...I judged the song, because the singer was singing in a low voice and I was this one of those slow songs? ugh, hate songs like that, soo I ditched the song. Oops, I WAS SOOO DEAD WRONG, AND YES I FELT STUPID FOR QUICKLY JUDGING THE SONG, because now I LOOOOOOOVE THIS SONG! SOOO GOOD! I love the lyrics and my fav part is when Kimbra sings, I loove Kimbra (thanks to Anna's best friend for introducing her to me last yr), love her vocals

Hope you guys enjoy my music playlist of the month!
There's a variety of genre's in this playlist than usual, a lil international, some indie bands, a lil alt.rock, a lil hip hop/rap, a lil dance music, a lil french house, and as always...ELECTRO and dubstep! :D


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