Happy New Years!!! :D

9:24 PM

I reallly loove all 3 looks, but my fav's are between the gold and the black(left). I'd want a mixture of those two dresses as one dress and for the color to be silver sequences. And since I am a shy person, the plunging neckline is waaaay to open for me and I'd want it to be more closed. ^^ 

I wanted to put together a NYE look that I dream to wear, either to a rave or a nice cool party place, and the only thing I dream to wear is a silver sequin dress! I dreamed of going for a sparkly, edgy look, and all that came to mind was, BALMAIN! I looooved the dresses from Fall 2010 ready to wear collection. They're hot, bold, edgy and sparkly! And it's the perfect look I think to ring in 2013, if I were going somewhere and of course if I had the $$$$$$ for a Balmain dress ;) lol.

And if I were going to a rave, this is what I'd wear, something comfortable, cool, but still wanting sparkle in my outfit. :D  And isn't that sweater perfect?! LOL, I LOOOOOVE IT!!! Urban Outfitters thinks of everything!

Sweater - Urban Outfitters 
Peplum Skirt - Missguided
Wedges - Urban Outfitters 
Clutch - Nelly 

Now, I can't end this post without adding my fav songs of 2012

I LOOOOVE THESE 2 SONGS, def my fav of 2012!
I listened to them almost everyday, both of them are beautiful, uplifting for me, and energetic. :D
And I wish I can soo badly be in Madeon, The City music video, LOOOKS SOO MUCH FUN! I know being hit by those powdered things actually hurts, buuut running around covered in colorful powder, is JUST FUN! The video is sooo moving for me, it just gives me the feeling of youthfulness and like no care int he world. I just love how it looks like a war between to groups of people, but at the end it seems everyone's just having fun, and there's color flying everywhere, just sooo beautiful, make art not war. ;)

Anyways, I wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013!!!

I hope 2013 will be a positive year for me, I hope good things will come/happen and I just hope that things will finally be lookin up! :)


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