Merry Christmas Song + Christmas Nails!

11:57 PM

Just wanted to share a nice Christmas song with you guys.
 It's really cool and modern, it's trance and a bit techno, it's reallly nice, and I think beautiful, and love the females vocals. :)

Hope everyone is having a Merry Merry Christmas! :D

Every time I look at my glittered nails, they remind me of sour gummy worms/bears or just really sugary candy. It's quiet evil actually, as I'm such a sweetaholic. -.- lol

Doesn't it look like sugary nails?

From Left to Right- Professional Nail Care Base Coat
Santee Plus in Angel Red M16
Santee Plus in White M32
Red Corundum (Martha Stewart glitter)
Carrara Marble (Martha Stewart glitter)

Just a quick update, to show you guys my Christmas nails I did yesterday. I suddenly had an urge to do Christmas nails and get alll glittery. :D This was really fun and easy to do, just apply base coat, apply a solid color either in red or white as the first layer, and while the polish is wet, dip your nails in glitter! :D And then with a paint brush, just dust away the leftovers, or the loose glitter off your nails/fingers. And then apply top coat, and that's pretty much it! :D


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