All I Want For Christmas Is....

12:00 AM

1. Dolce Vita - Jemma's in Black

My list for this yr is similar to last yrs wish list, I was wishing for the Jemma boots, but never got them, and I don't think I'll ever get them :(((  Singer22 has them but in size 10!!! :((( I'm totally wishing I was a size 10 right now -.-, and also, has the Jemma's in black but again, size 10. :( And I found of a online store, that I never heard of before, it's, they have the Jemma's but in leopard and wine, and they actually have the leopard in my size, buuut.....I'm more into the black Jemma's . *sigh* I don't think the Jemma's in black will ever be back in stock. :(

 I'm glad though, I at least got to try them on, you can check in this post, but it will always sadden me, that I never got it. :(

I NEED one! Now that I have adobe Illustrator and photoshop, and I'm usually on there these days, drawing and what not, it's def. needed, as it will be much easier to draw with than a mouse. But, I'm prettty positive, I'll be getting a tablet in the next few semesters when I take a digital illustration class. :D 

3. A Stylus Pen
I need one for my ipod for drawing purposes. :)

That's pretty much it, and also for my dreams to come true. :)


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