Downtown LA ♥

10:29 PM

haha me.
I looove the sun, sooo beautiful. 
It's like I feel the warmth.

Love that everything is silhouette, and the green light is showing. 
My twin got a nice timing shot. :D

Soo nice. 

 Art Gallery
LOOOVE the sculpture, very cool.

 Looove that sun!!

The fabric on the left is the fabric my twin got.
I found a lighter version of that fabric.

     My family and I took a unexpected trip down to downtown to look for some fabrics, last weekend, and I WAS SOOO EXCITED BECAUSE I LOOOOOOOOOVE DOWNTOWN!! IT MAKES ME FEEL SOOO ALIIIIVE!!! !!
     I didn't find what I was looking for, but then again I was being rushed. -.-  Buuuut, I did find a fabric for my twin, that she has been wanting since last yr, so I was happy that I spotted the fabric, and yes, she was verrry excited and SOO HAPPY!!! :D  Yay me! lol

All pictures taken by my twin.

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