What I Loved/Liked From Azzaro Spring 2011 Ready-To-Wear Collection

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♥My Collage♥

Left To Right

1.Love this, cute & simple. I love the rope belt and around the neck.
2. Love this too, leather top and shorts. ♥ I like the loose fit of the top.
3. I like this, simple, and I think sexy. I just would like to see what's on the right side of the hip.
4. I LOVE THIS! SUPER CUTE! Love the ruffles at the hem, & the collar. I love the print & color too.

Left to Right

5.OH MY GOD I LOOVE THIS DRESS! THIS DRESS HAS MY NAME WRITTEN ALLL   OVER IT!! :D LOL ♥!!! I'm a sucker for cute dresses like this one. I just love everything about this dress! So adorable!

6. I like this dress. I like the blue color, like the bow, and love the drapes. 
7. LOOOVE THIS DRESS! Love everything about it. So feminine and soft.
8. I kind of like this dress. Like the color, the fabric, and I like the circles at the hem area, and on the sleeves. But, I don't know, I don't really like it on the neckline. It seems too much for me.

Left to Right

9. LOOOVE THIS!! Love everything about this dress!!!  ♥
10. I love this. Love the beads on the neckline, that would be my fav part of the dress. :) Like the looseness and flow to the dress too.
11.Like this dress. Like the beaded neckline, and the waistband
12. LOOOVE THIS! The ruffles, reminds me sea shells! sooo prettty!
13. LOVE THIS, SOO CUUUTE! Love everything of it! :D ♥

Lots of cute dresses which I loooove so much, and it's also my style.
has a innocent feel to the dresses,

What did you think of this collection?

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