What I Loved/Liked From L.A.M.B Spring 2011 Ready-To-Wear Collection

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♥My Collage♥

Left to Right

1. LOOOVE THE PRINTS!!!! I also like that the ruffles are asymmetric sided.
2.I LOOVE THIS DRESS! SO CUTE! It is my fav dress, from the L.A.M.B. collection. I love the ruffles and of course the awesome print! !
3.Love the vest! The colors, kind of remind me of the Lion King. Not that it is bad or anything, I'm just saying. :)
4.I like the top. I like that it has plaid and denim look mixed together.

Left to Right

5. LOVE THE TOP! I love the colors and the ruffles on the sleeves. so cute. I like the shorts too, cute.
6. LOOOVE THE CROPPED RUFFLED TOP!   I love the print of it. :) I also like the pants
7. I LOVE THIS! Loving the plaid, and the draped cowl neckline, and just really everything, this is my 2nd fav look! 
8. I like the pants, although I can't tell what kind of fabric it is. Is it velvet? Satin? Silk? I don't know. -.- I like the hip area of it, and the rest of the leg area.

From Left to Right

9. Liked this dress. Like the work on the neckline, looks like feathers, love the- what- seems- to- look- like- ruffles? and the looseness of the dress.
10. I find this to be cute! Maybe to matchy for the top and the bottom to be worn all together. But I love the plaid color. I like the pants a bit more than the top. I love the looseness of the upper part of the pants, and like that it's a bit tight at the bottom of the pants. I want to see a close up of that bag! :D
11.Looove the PANTS! Love the bit of bagginess to it, and I also like the fabric and the color of the pants. ♥ This pants is SOO GWEN STEFANI! Anyone agree? :D
12.Looove the pants! Love the color, the fabric, the bit of looseness to it, & I like the pockets too. I love the straps for the bag, would love to see more perspective shots of the strap bag, guess I have to watch the show on youtube.

Left to Right

13. Love the top. plaid ♥
14. LOVE THE SHORTS! So cute.
15.LOOVE THE SHORTS! SO ADORABLE! Love the print of it.♥
16.Love the top & the print. The bottoms, kind of remind me of pj's. O.o  Anyone agree?

Left to Right

17. I kind of like this. I mainly like the ruffles on the sleeves, that would pretty much be it of my liking. Love the pants though
18. I Love the knitted top and the pants!  I like that the top is a bit sheer, and loose fitted.
19. I only love the skirt. I love the pockets and the fabric color.
20. I kind of like this, but it's too matchy. I only like the blazer jacket

21. I LOOVE THIS DRESS! SO CUTE! I love the print, just fun, and love the colors too.


Did anyone like the collection?
What was your thoughts of it?

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