What I Loved/Liked From Rag & Bone's Spring 2011 Ready-To-Wear Collection

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From Left To Right

1. Freja's so cute here. I like the harness bra, that is pretty much it. lol
2. I kind of like the silver top. I like the pockets, I don't know some cool too layer and have fun with. I think this top will look cuter, if the sleeves where cut off or shorter. What do you guys think?
3.I like the vest, and I also like the cut out skirt. It's fun a fun idea, one could wear leggings under the skirt. :)
    I love the crochet? or knitted top, and LOOOVE THE VERY COOL BOTTOMS! They look super  
    comfy! :D ♥

Left To Right

5. I only like the skirt. Kind of reminds me of tennis skirts, its probs the color the skirt.
6. I like the crochet or knitted jacket, I think it's pretty. 
7. I LOOVE THE SHEER TOP! My 2nd fav piece in the collection. :D
8. I love the knitted  sweater, so pretty. I would belt that. :D

9. I only like the sheer jacket. Pretty cool. 

Overall, I didn't like the collection, it was just weird to me, and I felt like, this style isn't Rag & Bone, you know? I love their older designs more, I mean whats not to love bout their older collections. This collection, just....I..uh..didn't get. O.o 

What did you guys think of this collection?
Yay or Nay?

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