What I'm Currently Loving For Fall Fashions

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Cargo Jackets
I have been seeing them in some blogs lately, such as Claire and  Kelly rocking their cargo's, DON'T THEY LOOK GREAT?! Yea, I was pretty much SOLD on cargo jackets, after I saw Claire's & Kelly's cargo's and how they stylized their outfits with the cargo's. I really wanted one & I just loved how you can wear almost anything with them!! :D 

So on Wednesday, I tagged along with my mom and went to Marshall's, and I was on a hunt for what I'm currently loving for fall, Cargo jackets, leo wedges, I'm still wanting the perfect combat boot, and 2 skinny jeans in grey and in black for school. I found several cargo jackets, and boy, was I loving them! :D  I shockingly found a really nice cargo jacket from Free People, I looved the green color, it was like a olive green color, and LOOOOVED the quality of the cargo, I think it was like 30$ or something, I put it back, and that was stupid of me to do, because, later, I couldn't find where I put it back. :( Sometimes, I do stupid things, when I shop. T.T  But anyways, I did find 2 other cargo's one was from Volcom, it was VERY CUTE!!  

And this is the 3rd one, I forgot the brand for the cargo, but, I liked it, I just didn't like the back -.-, it had a criss-crossing lacing at the bottom of the cargo. 
A close up...sorta.

1. Volcom- Arrowhead Military Canvas Jacket  (This is the same one I saw @ Marshalls, soo cute and comfy! I loved the lil studes on the side of the sleeve on the Volcom patch. )
5. Forever 21

Leo Wedges/Wedges/Combat Boots

I saw the Steve Madden -Wicked-L (the leo wedge) at Marshalls, and omgod, LOOVED IT SOO MUCH!!

Combat Boots
2. Turbow
4. Cablee
6. Trenchh 

Combat Boots By The Frye's Company

You guys, should check out the Frye's company, they have reallly great boots, buut...they are expensive. :(
I wanted to share with you guys, about Frye's , after I found of them, from Marshalls. I found a reaally cute boot by them, it was half leather and half canvas, ah man...I want it, it was a ankle boot. I tried to look for it on their website, but didn't find them :( 

Anyways, I didn't leave empty handed, I got 2 skinny's, one purpleish  in corduroy (my mom & Anna loved it so much :D) & the 2nd skinny in grey! :D

*What are you currently loving?*

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