My Outfit + The Free People Fringe Bag I Won!

6:00 PM

What I'm Wearing:
Vest - My Mom's (She knitted it herself when she was 17 )
Turtle Neck - My mom's, she bought it when she was 25 from Israel.
Pants - Macy's (My mom bought it for Anna several yrs back)
Shoes - Zara
Ring - My Twin Love Skulls (that I made)

After Anna & I left the Free People store we decided to take pics of my outfit and the fringe bag that I won  with goodies inside! :D 
I saw the rocks on the floor and I told Anna,"Ohhhh, lets place the bag on the rocks to give it a coachella look", and we snapped away! The last 3 pics are taken with the pin hole effect which I looove sooo much, it's fun, and I'm glad I told Anna to use it, because it gave the pics a beachy feel, which goes with the FP bag and the goodies!
Inside the FP bag came, 3 bracelets, a little notebook, & a water holder! Pretty cool, and I have to say that I LOOOOOOOVE THE NOTEBOOK! It's seriously my fav! I just love the little notes left inside the notebook, I looove the brown pages, I love the whole scrapbook feel, and looove how they designed the cover of the notebook, very creative! It's made with love ;)  I'm def. going to keep it in my main bag, and write my poems, thoughts and maybe do some doodles in the pages, can't wait!

Loooove the cover, SO COOL!

I loove this and how they put the hands at the bottom

Loove this,  Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 of Coachella.
You write the time which music artist played and at what tent.
Too bad I won't be going :(, I'll keep it for the future though, if I ever go to Coachella! :D

The water holder, pretty cute.

And on the other side of the little tag it says, Refill Me. :D

Eliza & Anna

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