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9:00 AM

I know the ombre hair trend has been out since last yr and I have always loved it since; but several weeks ago, I self cut my hair and gave myself side sweep bangs, which was fun. :D And after I was done cutting my hair, I played around with my new cut and I don't know, all of a sudden I started imagining myself with dyed hair, like a brown red color that I saw on a blogger girl that I really liked. So after a few days of cutting my hair, my malay friend links me a Current/Elliot Spring 2012 Lookbook, and I check it out and OH MY GOD....! I FELL IN LOVE WITH THE MODEL'S DARK/OMBRE HAIR! And since that day of seeing the link, I want that kind of ombre look on my own hair! :D 

Here are the pics, (the girl with the black hair and the red/brownish ombre),
It's sooo PERFECT
It's nothing drastic, not too bold, just a nice almost subtle color and goes so great with the black/dark hair.
Yes I'm in looove with this do :)

I would looooove to get this ombre look, but, I don't know, I NEVER dyed my hair and well.....I sadly have split ends, sooo I don't know if my hair is strong enough for dying. I don't want to make it worse and damage my hair, you know?  :/

What do you guys think?


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