My First Handmade Friendship Bracelet

7:41 PM

All photo's were taken by me

Here is my finished friendship bracelet that I said, I would show you guys in this post.
It was my first time making a friendship bracelet, I never had one of these as a kid. But I would always see girls giving their bestie's these friendship bracelets, and welll....I always wanted one. And I know friendship bracelets made a comeback since last summer, but I have been seeing them all over blogs and other fashion sites and also tutorials, that it made me want to buy my own threads and make my own friendship bracelet! :D I am my own best friend, ^^ and well, my twin sister too, I've got to make one for her as well! :D

I followed a tutorial, by Free People, and surprisingly I catched on quickly! I didn't think I would quickly get it, because, oh boy, I was soooo confused at first. O.o I made the chevron pattern, it's for beginners and it only took me a day to make :) . I started early morning and took a break to do other things and came back to the bracelet and finished it later at night. :D I also, had to add my own lil touch to the bracelet, by adding a chain with my handmade skull made out of sculpey clay. :)  I think it's a tad bit long, and so I'm thinking of making  it a bit shorter. :)

Oh, and I also, want to call this friendship bracelet,  the Baja friendship bracelet, because the colors  remind me of the colorful shorts from Free People. lol. 

So what do you guys think of my first handmade friendship bracelet? :)


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