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Remixt is a new site that is in beta form, and it's a place where you take pictures from other sites,( but of course link them back!) and you form them in a collage way or a theme or a story. It's really cool, I played around with it a few times and I really like it and it's pretty fun! :D
I'm def. going to use it for my illustrations and other fashion related things to post on this blog for future posts. :)

Angela Min is the founder of Remixt and I received an email from her, telling me that she loved my blog and that she was inspired and used some of her fav images from the blog to make this mix!
When I saw the link, I was soooo happpy, and I whispered "Oh my god" lol, it was just really cool to see that she used my illustrations in her mix, so that made me really happy, and just overall it was a really nice surprise. :)

Inspiration board for today
This person remixed Angela's mix into her own inspiration board using some of my & Anna's pics from the blog. Pretty cool. :D

My First Mix
This was my first mix I made (it's supposed to be about bright colors), which was this Monday.
I signed up out of curiosity to see what the site is all about, and played around and made this.
I have improved ;) lol

Feminine Boho
This is my 2nd mix I made.
If you hover with your mouse over the pics, it will show the link from where the pic is from and the hastags. :)

Overall, I think this site is a good tool for fashion bloggers, because you can form pictures from all over the net to make a story through pictures, or make a theme, or just a collage of some of your fashion finds, or what you are lusting over lately or even a mood/inspiration board!
If you want to check out more of what storybox is, they have a tumblr and a facebook.

**So, what do you guys think of the site?**


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