Went Shopping & Did Loads of Trying On's

11:55 PM

Mooove over LITAS....I have a NEW LOVE!
These Dolce Vitas, Jemma in of course in black...it seriously is a black beauty!
I loooove them!! And they're pretty comfortable and easy to walk in them :)
 I wish I can have them :(

I HAD to try on this crazy shoe! LOL
If I see a crazy, creative, artsy, different, so out there shoe, I HAVE TO TRY IT ON out of curiosity!

Anyways...I tried on the display heel less shoe, and it was small, so that's why my toes are sticking out, but uh, yeah...I don't understand how anyone can WEAR THIS TYPE OF SHOE!  I was thinking to myself, if I wore these, on a windy day, the wind could knock me over! LOL  Or like, just even walking in them, one can fall to their death. lol.  I wonder if anyone bought this shoe. O.o

LOOOOVE THESE BEAUTIES!!! They are so classic and sexy! lol
I was shocked when I checked who it was by, and it's by *drum roll*.......IVANKA TRUMP!
Shocker, I didn't know she made shoes. This shoe also comes in black, but the red won my heart  also melted it :D lol.

BCBG boots, I looved them!
I'd love to own a ankle boot like this

At first I wasn't sure about them, until I tried them on and I was like, whooa, these are awesome, and they look cool on me! :D lol
Boots are from Boutique 9

loved these boots as well, very cute, I love that the bottom of the boot is a light brown color, and love the straps around the boot. :)
The boot is by American Rag cif

Michael Kors
This shoe is soo nice, comfortable, and love the design of the heel. :)

Looved this sweater, very comfy, love the color and loove the back! :D
The sweater is by Kensie

They fit me very well, and are very comfy, too bad it was expensive :(

Sequenced pants, love them, pretty fun. :)

Very cute and fun! :D

Forever 21

 Loved the jet pack on the mannequin, it was lighted up.

Looooved their display! I loved the material of the fabrics, just so different!
I love their mannequins, so aged

 Loooove this leather jacket!
I loove how worn out it looks! :D

 Loooove the light neon yellow color of this Christian Dior shoe

I went to the mall on Wednesday with my mom and bro, because Macy's was having a sale, and spent a few hours @ the Bar III section, and I LOOOVED MOST OF THEIR CLOTHES!! SOO GOOD! Looove Bar III ! I also looked at some clothes by Marc by Marc Jacobs, Free people, and spent several hours at the shoe section , I tried on a loot of boots as you can see in the pics. I thought I was going to finally buy a Steve Madden combat boot, and I was soo happy, because I have been wanting a combat boot for about a yr now, but sadly, the boot was hurting the back of my heel, and that was such a bummer! >:(  It's going to take forever for me to find the perfect combat boot, ugh. -.-  But what I REALLY want now are those DOLCE VITA JEMMA BOOTS!!! Once I saw myself in them, I really fell in love with them, and I NOW WANT THEM and are now on my forever wishlist! :D lol
I also fell in love with a pair of Ray-Ban sunnies that are white , and fell in love with a INC hoody knitted cardi, and I loved it so much, very cute, and looks soo warm and cozy!! 

I didn't leave empty handed, I bought a BLANK skinny jeans, which I'll show you guys in another post :).
I have been a long time fan of BLANK, and I am verry happy to finally own a pants from them! Yayyy!! :D
I loove the skinny jeans sooo much, it just fits me so well! I also found 2 other pair of skinnys by BLANK, one was a black zipper super skinny (which I hope to maybe get next week :D *crosses fingers*), and a charcoal skinny pants, which OH MY GOD...it is soooo smoooth on me, fits PERFECTLY!! i loove it soo much! The fabric was really smooth on my hip/crotch area, no wrinkles or those lines WHATSOEVER!! AWESOME!

Oh, and btw, sorry that my pics aren't that clear I had to quickly take the pics @ Macy's. :/

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