A Lil Weekend Trip To Fresno...

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Hi guys! :)
So on Saturday, my family and I went to Fresno which was a 3 hr ride, but what felt like 4 hrs! Anyways, Fresno is FresNOOOOOO! Lol, it's a no no! Because, it's really boring over there, not much to do for young people. Fresno overall def. has a farm lifestyle feel, it really just has lots of acres of land for farming, gas stations, fast food places/restaurants. To me Fresno reminded me of  Naploean Dynomite, it just has that dry boring look, long distant roads, lots of green lands with crops and then having that face of being hot, bored and sweating.  
But I will say, I did feel a sense of appreciation and at the same time sadness of the farms and the workers. Because as we were on the road, I looked out the window and saw these  two Hispanic workers picking crops under the hot hot heat, and god, that's hard work what they do. And also, I saw signs saying, "NO WATER, NO JOBS" & "HELP PRESERVE WATER" There were some farms that the land was in a drought and while the others had crops. It's scary, to know there isn't enough water for the farms. :/
The future doesn't look very bright, that's all I can say. :(
We went to Fresno because, my dad had to take care of something there. Once he was done, we drove around to see what we can see and do. But my dad got hungry, so we went to a Armenian bakery called, Occasion Bakery, that my mom found few days ago from her relatives.

The place is really small, Anna & I stayed inside the place, while the rest of the family sat outside. 
We all ordered Shawarma, which is a Mediterranean dish, it has meat, tomatoes, onion slices, tahini sauce all wrapped up in pita bread. You can eat pickilings and hot peppers on the side, as you can see on my paper plate. The peppers were reallly hott eating it alone, so I stuffed it in my Shawarma, and it was good! :D 
After the Shawarma we had dessert, Kanafeh, which actually originates from , but it's a middle eastern dish, 

After eating we decided to go to Simonian Farm, which I have to say was really the ONLY HIGHLIGHT OF THAT DAY! A little history of Simonian Farm, it was founded by a Armenian immigrant man, who's name was Baghdasar Simonian in 1901. He first moved to New York, and then settled down in Fresno, California and started the Simonian Farm producing raisins! He was already familiar with the agriculture life, because he used to do farming in Armenia. The Simonian Farm was also a family business, so after Baghdasar, his son Michael Simonian inherited the farm and after Michael Simonian, the farm was passed onto Dennis & Bonnie Simonian, which are the current owners of today. 
When the farm was first established it started to expand, and they produced various fruits that are seasonal like, grapes, cherries, peaches, nectarines, apricots, apples, pomegranates, blackberries, boysenberries, figs and persimmons, grains and honey. The size of the property is 80 acres and every yr they produce over 180 crops!
When Dennis & Bonnie became the owners of the Simonian Farm they expanded to a market and a museum. So just imagine a farm that has a produce market, that sells produce that was grown from the Simonian Farm. And a museum that is in a big red barn that has old vintage antique things (you'll see in the pictures below), it has become a tourist attraction. :)
 I really love the museum, I looooved the antique objects, it's history and, it's just so cool to have a chance to be up so close and getting to touch the old objects. I touched history that was part of the Simonian Farm since 1901 and it was cool! :D  

LOVE the car & Betty Boop!
How cute right?

I loved Betty Boop sooo much as a kid, I wanted to be her lol

I was soo mad because I forgot my money at home!!! >.< 
So I was unable to buy anything :((( 
But Anna bought a bag of Taffy candies, and it was reallly good!

I loved this! I thought this baby carriage was so cute, and I really looove old skool baby carriages, they're just so pretty and has a sense of delicacy? I don't know, I just love it. :)
School Boy!
Old chalkboard, with a old desh/chair and a old truck
If I had my own place, I think I'd be a collector of old things and have them in my home as decor. :)
I would love to have history in my home :)

Coca-Cola chair! 
How cool right? I want it. :D lol

Prettty amazing!!!!

I loved this, as a child I loved learning about gold mining times, the American Old Western history, and when I saw this I was like :O coool! lol
So I couldn't help but play with the tray in the water as if I'm mining lol.
I just love to get the feel of what it was like, you know? :)


And it STILL WORKS!!! Uggghhh...I WANT IT! :(
It's $395 :/

$150 if anyone wants :)
Old gasoline signs and soda signs ♥
I love how the Simonian Farm kept all these memorabilia's? 

These are all real tractors and what not, very cool right?!

I loooved these pans, I would seriously buy one or maybe 2
 #NostalgiaFix  LOL
50 yrs old, amazing. I actually touched one of the frames at the top and wow, they're kinda weak, like it could easily break. 
After the Simonian Farm, we left for home, and our way back, we saw SIX FLAGS
Pretty cool! :)

So that was my weekend, how was yours?!


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