Born Pretty Store Package Delivery

8:00 AM


Got my Born Pretty Store package last Friday & it was a nice surprise, because I thought it would come next wk (like not this wk, but the wk after), but thankfully it didn't! What was also a nice surprise, was that I received my FIRST 3 CONCEPT EYES BEAUTY COSMETIC PRODUCT!!! :D   I'm such a fan of 3 Concept Eyes, I found out about them through Stylenanda's instagram last yr (which is my fav Korean fashion brand), and when I  first saw cosmetics by 3 Concept Eyes, I was like, :O "oooooo, the quality of their cosmetics look really good!" I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD OWN IT! :D 
Soooo with that being said, I CAN'T WAIT TO TRY IT!!! :D 
*Please be everything that I imagined it to be* lol
I also can't wait to try the stamper & stamp template, something I've always wanted ^^

So I will be doing a product review on these items in a video and hopefully have it up by next Monday! :)


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