The Forest Nymph (Part 2 of Fresno Trip)

7:23 AM

Hey folks,

This is Annnnnaaaaaaa...the twin that rarely makes an appearance on Eliza's blog because she is so darn bashful.  Yes. I am.  :c  

       I am a Forest Nymph, not a Desert Nymph.  Nor will I ever be one.  After experiencing a near heat-stroke while at Fresno with my family, due to the extreme heat that Fresno offered I, the forest nymph, had to endure the unwelcoming lashes of heat whipping my bare skin. :c  I desperately was wishing for a cool & damp hideaway/get-away from those harsh & deadly uva/uvb rays, such as those luscious, beautiful and sexy (YES, NATURE IS SEXY)  forests, lakes, and  canyons that Fresno had to offer and is heavily known for, other than it's farmlands.
      Since I am related to a bunch of Debbie Downers, it was 2:3 ratio...(my sweet Eliza goes where ever I go...happily!) no one wanted to see forests, lakes, mountains, and canyons. Poo.  :c   So we were stuck driving around trying to amuse ourselves in hoping we'd run into something that will enlighten us as a whole.  NAY.  Never happened. Well, partially, it did happen.  My mother practically saved this drowning day by her keen memory - ah bless that memory of hers! She remembered this particular spot, we drove to the destination and well..ok not gonna lie, but I judged a place by  it's appearance, and now I feel sooo awful about doing that!  On the outside the place looked like a junk yard...however, inside, it was something else! How do I describe it?! It was an odd mixture of historical monumental objects/findings of antique furniture that probably came from the 1920s - it was beautifully old! They were decorated all over inside the place. What really struck me about this odd mixed place, it had a bar!! Hahaha what?!  The folks seemed at peace & almost unaware or unbothered there were visitors/tourists coming in. ^^ Aside from the happy bar, I found myself at the center of the place looking at the organic fruit jams being sold with samples to taste these tasty organic jams! :D Mmmm!  Ah of course! The Organic-ness didn't stop there! They had barrels of organic CANDY :D  To my greatest delight, they were on SALE for 3 bags for $5!!  *Squeals!*  :P haha aww I didn't wanted to splurge $5 on candy because the lunch we previously had was quite expensive, so I just settled for 1 candy bag - Raspberry Lemon :D  This Nature Nymph LOVES her candy to be Sour & Tarty!  ^^  So organic fruit jams, organic candy, what's next? :D   FREE POPCORN!! Haha! I'm such a kid! Eliza and I both are too youthful, we pranced with large smiles to get our free popcorn hahha we are sooo cute♥!  Aww, it was time to go...I didn't felt like I completely delved deeper within this unique-hidden-gem place but I had no choice, my folks wanted to leave =/   Dontcha hate it when you find a hidden-gem you want to explore every inch of the place but time is a factor - a mean mean factor that says "Time's up! It's time to go home!"  -.-  Crud!

Even though the trip nearly killed me (I almost had a heatstroke), I really don't want to ride off Fresno as a horrible destination to head out to.  No, I think it all depends on who you go with (unlike my family members whom dislike National Forests, Canyons and all that Natural sexy beauty) it's the people & personalities that really makes a trip worth while!! It's the company.  Not the destination. That's the whole point of a Road Trip, in my awesomely nymph-tastic opinion ;D  Although, it's always a plus if the destination has a variety of things to do. ;)

FYI - these photos were NOT taken in Fresno.  They were taken in our neighborhood after we came from Fresno.  ;)

Top - Lace Crochet - from Papaya Clothing store

High Waisted Shorts - H&M  ♥    (FYI - I FINALLY found the best fitted high waisted shorts!! TY H&M!!!!!)

Head-Dress Chain - I made it! ;D

Gold Ring (my hand is the one with red nails) - bought it @ a local jewelry seller :)  It's my official beloved ring!! ♥

Gold Bangle - A local jewelry store in Downtown, LA.  :)

On Eliza's hand (her nails are colored in Lilac & cute glitter) - her rings are from Forever21 & H&M

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