Wednesday Lovin....

8:00 AM

....MAKE UP! :D

This post is all thanks to Anna who got me distracted with Sephora the other night. I was editing my Cupcake nail art tutorial and she started textin me links through twitter to check out make up items she wishes she could have. And next thing I know, I'm completely distracted and found myself on the SALE section browsing through and I ended up loving some few items that left me wishing & wanting! >.<
Now, I've never bought anything from Sephora, but I've been tempted to buy the Beauty Blogger kit (they don't have it online anymore :( ), welll...guess there's no temptation anymore, haha.
But I can tell you for sure next week, I WILL be buying something from my Wednesday Lovin make up post from Sephora....I'll keep you guessing, and reveal what I got next wk! ;D 

By the way, everything in my image is on SALE! :D 
Some are from Sephora & Rite Aid :)

What make up items are you lovin lately? 


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