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11:52 PM

LA COLORS - P612 White - $1 @ the Fiesta store
She make up - Purple Glitter (Waterproof)  - $1 @ the Fiesta store

Nail Polish Stripes:
LA COLORS - Art Deco - NA914 Red - $1 @ the Fiesta store
LA COLORS - Art Deco Stripes - NA917 Yellow - $1 @ the Fiesta store

Lipsticks(Left to Right)
LA COLORS -  Jazzy Red - $1 @ the Fiesta store
LA COLORS - Black Velvet - $1 @ the Fiesta store
LA COLORS - Pink Parfait - $1 @ the Fiesta store

Nail Polishes  (Left to Right)
She Makeup - Birthday Pink - $1 @ the Fiesta store
She Makeup - Neon Red - $1 @ the Fiesta store
She Makeup - Head Over Heals - $1 @ the Fiesta store

Wet N Wild Lipsticks (Left to Right):
Retro Pink - 99 cents @ Rite Aid
Nouveau Pink - 99 cents @ Rite Aid
Cinnamon - 99 cents @ Rite Aid
Hot Red - 99 cents @ Rite Aid

I bought all these make up products in early May &  late May or early June (can't remember).
Anyways, Rite Aid is like a block away from my uni, and in May, Anna & I made quick trips to Rite Aid, and found ourselves in the make up aisle and wellll....we started buying make up lol. I bought 99 cent lipsticks from Wet n Wild, I was shocked to see it only 99 cents, sooo I thought, why not and I bought a pink lipstick to test it out. I went home tried it out and LOOOOVED how it went on my lips, nice and creamy! :) I also loved the pink color on my lips, it's like a bright pink, but not too bright, it's a fun pink, which is what I wanted. :) So I was pretty pleased with how the lipstick applies onto the lips, that days later, I made a trip to Rite Aid, and bought 3 more Wet n Wild lipsticks. :D  
So since I got a lipstick hype from the Wet n Wild lippies, I decided to get a few more, but this time from a local store called the Fiesta store. I was hoping they would have Wet n Wild products, but they didn't they had lots of LA COLORS & She Makeup. So I got 3 LA COLORS lippies. I was happy to see they had a BLACK LIPPIE! I've always wanted a black lipstick since my teen yrs, so I had to have it! 
I realllly wanna start a collection on dark lipsticks, they're just sooo beautiful, I love them! 
And I'm always up to try out new make up brands, so when I saw She make up nail polishes, I was intrigued and bought 3 nail polishes & 1 eye liner. :)
Anyways, I will be doing a haul review on each of these products in the coming days, so watch out for that post! :) 


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