Out In Downtown LA

9:00 AM

You know how my theme was to be surrounded by people while walkin the streets? 
Welll...haha...that didn't happen too well, I mean it did, but the self timer was shitty and couldn't get the timing right to take pics of the people around me.
BUT, THIS WAS THE ONE GOOD PIC that I got of a city worker walkin the streets with me :D
I put this guy and me on a bag I made and embroidered myself for my art assignment, BTW, HE IS NOT LOOKIN AT ME, he was looking across my way, but not at me.
He was realllly nice, he let me put my tripod next to his hot dog/snack stand, while I did my assignment. :)

What I Was Wearing:
Top - My moms, vintage (She bought it when she was either in her late teens or 20's, now I wear it)
Shorts - Jalate (Old my fav shorts that I got from Nordstrom Rack)
Oxfords - Zara (Old, it's Anna's)
Bag - H&M (Got it as a freebie from their grand opening for a mall near me)
Sunnies - Forever 21 ()

Here I am saying, "OH COME ON!!!
LOL, I thought my camera took a pic of me, cuz it was on self-timer, so I walk towards my camera to pick it up and BOOM, IT TAKES A PIC! LOL >.< So then I was like....Oh come on!!!  =______=
It was really frustrating.

I love this pic too, it's in Santee Alley, and yeah, I just love how it has a intimate feeling

Look you guys can see my ipod in the bottom of my yellow bag! LOL :D

Again, since my camera was on self-timer, I had no idea what kind of pics were being taken and what weren't, just had to go with flow, I guess. 
So I never got to post these pictures, but back in beginning of September, I went to downtown LA for an art project for my illustration class, and the assignment was to get out of my comfort zone, like my usual environment and go to other places/environments, and of course, me being a city lover, I could only think of non other than the CITY! :D It was that or either the beach, Venice beach to be exact, cuz how urban it is. But I chose LA city, and the whole theme of this was me shopping around, walkin the streets of downtown LA  and being surrounded by city people as I walk the streets.
So I took my tripod/camera around with me, and plotted it around as I stood near by, put my camera on self timer and took pics of me walking around Maple street. :)
It was very FRUSTRATING to do this ALONE! Anna couldn't come with me, because she was crazy busy with her classes, so uh yeah, I did it alone. What also sucked, was that the self timer, I didn't know when it took a pic of me and when it didn't, because there was no flash, but my self timer makes a count down noise, but since I was away from it, a near distance, and there were many noises around, I couldn't hear squat! lol. Soooo I had no idea what kinda pictures I took and if I took pics I had in mind. I was able to review some pictures, but time was clicking and my camera batteries were low, so I couldn't stand around and review all the pics I took. I just had to continue taking pictures, and get as many, just so I can have a lot of choices and do something with them for my art assignment.


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