My Christmas Nails.... ;)

6:19 PM


Here is my Christmas Nail Art tutorial, hope you guys will like it! :)

Born Pretty Store products I was using:

Brushes4 Piece Elegant Flower Handled Liner Drawing Nail Art Brush Set

Snowflakes30 Piece Set Ultrathin Snowflake Design Charming 3D Nail Art Deco

One thing I noticed about the snowflakes after I was done making the video, while though out the day, I noticed the snowflakes caught onto my hair and clothes. Like the sides of the edges of the snowflakes, it doesn't lay flat onto the nail, it's just lifted a bit. I got the snowflake on the pinky nail to lay flat on one of the sides though, but the rest, they are a bit lifted, maybe I'm supposed to bend it a bit and push it down more onto my nails. But other than that, it is a cute nail deco, gives it a nice shine and sparkle to my festive nails. :)

And here is my 10% off discount code, NNAW10, that you guys can use at the checkout and you guys can buy whatever you want with my code! ;)



*Disclaimer - I was NOT paid to make this video nor post, these items were sent to me to make a review about. 

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