American Apparel Floral Tights

11:59 PM

Sooo this is funny, I discovered something today. This is how the story goes, laast week, my sis, mom and I went to a lil fabric store that my mom usually goes too, and I just think the fabric store doesn't really have great fabrics, most of them are cheap, but there are a few good fabrics. Anyways, I went to the back of the store, and there was a box of left over fabrics for a cheap price, and I was looking through the box, and I found a stretchy floral fabric, and I thought, hmmmm...what can I do with this? I thought of a head wrap, since it was stretchy, so I bought it. The next day I was thinking of what I should make of the fabric, I thought of making socks out of it, lol. I can't make leggings out of them, because it's not enough fabric for leggings. -.- But I googled floral leggings,  was looking at images, and scrolling down, and OHHHHHH MYYY GODDDDD!!!! GUESS WHAT I SAW?! AMERICAN APPAREL LEGGINGS THAT WAS THE SAME FABRIC FLORAL PRINT AS THE ONE I GOT FROM THE FABRIC STORE!!! LOL!!! I was SHOCKED!!! O.o Then I googled american apparel floral leggings, and whooa, I found a lot of girls wearing those floral leggings.
My mom thought I was nuts to want to make leggings out of the fabric, if I had more of it. HEY MOM GUESS I'M NOT SO NUTS!! hahahahaa.

Here are some of the pics I found of the leggings.

I feel rude to take pics from someones blog without their knowing, soo I put their url under each pic. :)

I found this pic @

I loove Karen's Blog!! ♥

got it from lookbook.

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