Lady Gaga Inspired Paparazzi Sun Glasses

9:41 PM

I took these pictures over the past summer of this yr, and I got inspired by lady gaga's sunglasses that she wears in the 'Paparazzi' video.  I was re-making my sweat pants into sweat pants leggings on July 31st, after I was done making them, I started drawing down some fashion ideas, then I started thinking about lady gaga's outfit in the video, 'Paparazzi', of where she's wearing the yellow & mickey mouse eared unitard,

then I got an idea for my mustard yellow leggings. I wanted to trace mickey mouse ears all over them, but spread them out a bit, and fill in the mickey mouse ears in black beads or black sequences. So I started making a template of the mickey ears, I cut it out, and I started playing around with the idea of the mickey ears, and then I put it over my eye glasses, and OMGOD!!! I WAS LIKE WHOOAAA!! THIS IS AWESOME!!! I THEN GOT AN IDEA TO DO GAGA INSPIRED GLASSES!! W000T!! :D lol I got all excited over this idea, that I did my make-up and my hair :D, and asked my twin to take pics of me, this was at like 2 or 3 am in the morning! :D lol ♥

I did the pose? I guess you would say, that gaga does in her video, where she's 
going to poison the guy. lol :)

The red stuff, is the tape on my glasses.

Cell Shot, I think my hair style looks better in short version.

Cell Shot, in negative. :D


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