What I Loved/Liked for Valentino 2011 Resort

5:02 AM

From Left to Right

1. I loooove the first dress, SO DARN CUTE!! I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT!

2. YELLOOOW!!!! I looove the sheerness of this dress, and love the soft ruffles, totally says SPRING!

3. The only thing I liked of this dress, would be the bottom half  the skirt part. LOOVE THE FABRIC, soo pretty, & the sheerness. ♥

4. I kind of like this dress, I love the ruffle skirt part, the bow, ummm I can't tell what's on the upper arms of the sleeves. I think this dress, is cute and interesting. The interesting part would be the rectangular opening of the chest area, love the fabric. Is it beaded? MAN WOULD LOVE TO SEE CLOSE SHOTS OF THESE DRESSES!!! 

From Left to Right

1. I LOOVE IT! I think it's so sexy & pretty. I love all those black flowers on the shoulder areas ♥

2. I love this, love the asymmetric lace top area of the dress, and I like that the bottom half of the dress, is a different fabric print. It just makes the dress more interesting, rather if it was just the same lace fabric. ♥

3. The only thing I like about this look,  is the AWESOME LACE JACKET!!! OH MY GOD I LOOVE IT!!! It's very cool. ♥♥ I want to see close ups of it!!!

4. Love this! Love the Sheerness once again of the blouse, and love the white flowers on the shoulder areas.

From Left to Right

1. I like the bagginess of the back side of the dress, that's it really.

2. Loooove the dresss!! Just so beautiful ♥

3. I love the red floral vest only ♥ 

4. I love this, a simple lil cute dress. The black, kind of bothers me. 
     Does it bother you guys?

Left to Right

1. Again I love the sheerness & the white flowers on the dress. ♥

2. This is sexy & cute!!! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT!!! Love everything of it. Though, if I were to wear it, I would wear a black bra, lol. Though, I'm too shy to wear anything like this. -.- lol

I reallly liked this collection, because I'm a big fan of cute dresses, of black lace, and ruffles!!!

Who loved this collection?


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