Judy Moody And The NOT Bummer Summer Movie Event

5:37 AM

On Sunday, my twin sister and I went to the grove to watch Judy Moody and the NOT bummer summer movie, because I won family 4 pack screening passes to go watch it. After the movie was done, I thought it was lame, lol. And at one point during the movie, I spaced out! LOL. Though, the one thing I did like of the movie was the animation parts, I thought they were cute and fun. :)  I thought the actress who played Judy Moody was good, and she is sooo CUTE!! Heather Graham's character was fun and I thought she did a good job acting. :D And it was nice seeing Jaleel White act again, he played as Mr.Todd. :)
After the movie was done, my twin sister and I went over to the cupcake area, that was part of the movie event, and we had some freeee cupcakes!! :D The cupcakes were sooooo DAMN GOOOOOD!! BEST OF ALL, THEY HAD EDIBLE GLITTERS ON TOP!!! <333333  My fav cupcake was the blue one, it tasted like blueberry vanilla, it was soo good, I went for  a 2ND ROUND! :D I wanted more though :/ lol.
And Anna's fav was the pink one! The pink cupcake had a strawberry flavor. :)

Soooo pretttty!!!

The cupcakes are from Goodie Girls, as you can see, and my sister and I googled them, and found out they have a blog!  Check out Goodie Girls! & their actual site!, if you guy's are interested in knowing more of their yummy cupcakes! :D
Edible glittersssss <333333

After the cupcakes, I went around and took pics of the groove, then I had to go home. -.-

 Movie theater :)

 J.CREW <3!
Loove the outfits, I'm loving the blue shades <3


Forever 21
I wanted to take more window display pics, but an officer came up to me and told me it wasn't ALLOWED!!! :O  I had noo idea there was a such a rule of this!! :/ 

 Anna and I think it's funny and cute, that the baby is sitting on the table and just eating!<3

 Anna looves Pinkberry!

 I looove the chairs and the colors of them! Fuuuun <333


 Loved the light yellow bike, so vintage <3

 Graffiti <3333

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