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After family and I visited the cemetery on June 18th to go see our grandma's grave, we didn't feel like going home, so since we were in the Glendale area, we decided to walk around and check out some stores. :)

GUESS store
Loooove the model, she is sooo beautiful and love what she is wearing.

H&M was having  SAAALE!!! UGHH!! I found the PERFECT BLACK SUNNIES, but one of the lenses were MISSING!! :((  I WAS REALLLY SAD!  I LOOVED THEM, AND WENT WELL WITH MY FACE! I looked for another pair, and nope, that was the ONLY PAIR!!! :(((  Why is that, when I find a item I have been searching for the longest, that item has SOMETHING WRONG WITH IT! >.< WHY?! UGH!  I have to check out another H&M store close by me, hopefully I'll find the sunnies there! :)  
*crosses fingers*

I didn't get a chance to take some street style pics, I was so bummed out, because there were a lot of girls with nice outfits/style, so instead, I took these pics. It's not all that great, but it's sort of something. 

That is where my nana is buried, at the top of the hill, where the white cross is in the air. Family and I will be visiting her soon <3

When we left Glendale, Anna, wanted to go for ice cream, and she saw the Blizz Frozen Yogart place, and we decided to just go there. It was our first time there, and OH MY GOD!!! THEY LET YOU HAVE SAMPLES BEFORE CHOOSING! NICE! LOL. Sadly though....the CHOCOLATE WAS GONE! -.- I LOOOVE CHOCOLATE, and I always go for CHOCOLATE! I CAN'T CHEAT ON IT! LOL :D So I tried some flavours, and LOOVED the peanut butter and CREME BRULEE!!!  I am such a bore, I went with peanut butter, I later found out, that it was a BAD CHOICE :(, because I put too much of peanut butter, and didn't think, of mixing half of peanut butter and half of creme brulee in my lil carton bowl. The peanut butter flav got a little too much later on, of eating so much of it. :(   Darn, next time, I'll go for creme brulee. :D

I call this : COLORFUL CIRCUS!

Why? Because I put in- Sour Gummy Worms  <3
                          Animal Crackers
                              Mini gummy bears
                                                  Cookie Dough (the BOMB!<3)
                          Chocolate Chips

Every topping I saw, I added to my frozen yogart I just went a little out of control lol, but was able to stop myself, because, oh my....I wanted to go for MORE TOPPINGS! LOL. I even saw MARSHMALLOW SAUCE!!!! Oh mmmmmmmmm! I never tried marshmallow sauce, but I can only imagine how good it tastes! :D I will soooo try that next time!

Anna's is called: Tutti Fruity!

She had Creme brulee, and put in: Strawberries
                                                            Mini Gummy Bears

*All photo's were taken by me, except the last pic, Anna took*

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