OPA! (Part 3) And My First Street Stylin

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 On Monday, May 30th, my family and I (except my twin sister, he had to study for her finals, so couldn't come with us :( ), went to the Greek festival again! We went the 2nd time, because my other cousins were there, and I wanted to see them, and also take pics of the festival for the blog. :D 
When I arrived at the festival, it was great seeing my younger cousins, but while hanging with them, I suddenly felt lonely and weird, because I was also with my cousins cousins. I don't know, I feel uneasy when I'm around teenagers, lol. All I could think about, was having my twin sister, Anna with me <3 . So, while feeling odd, I left my cousins, and roamed the festival alone, which I didn't mind at all, and I felt a WHOLE lot better!! :D I went over to the boutiques to look at the jeweleries, and wow, they had better stuff than a few yrs back. It was trendier and, I loved what I was seeing, soooo....I took some pics of the pieces. I asked one of the owners of the boutique, if I could take some pics of his accessories/jeweleries, and he said NO! >.<  I was like.......oh...ok, thanks....dammit! LOL! Whatever, I sneaked some pics in though...shhhh, lol. I COULD NOT RESIST!! It's CHOCOLATE FOR MY BLOG, LOL! ;)  As for the rest of the boutiques, I didn't bother askin, I just went in, and took pics of what I liked. :D lol.

Here are the pics I took of the jeweleries :)
I loved the flower one <33 so cute.

I made a ring like this the day before the festival, but it's in brown suede and with a chain. :)
So when I saw this, I had to take a pic of it. 

Loooved this! Egyptian inspired! <333

While I was looking around the boutiques, I noticed that there were some girls that were nicely dressed, and I thought to myself, "Gee, I want to take a pic of their outfits, and have a festival or street style post." At first, I shyed away, but then I was like, DAMMIT! I'M GONNA GO ASK! LOL!  I'm a shy person, and normally don't go up to people that I don't know of, and start a convo with them, yeah, not much of a social butterfly :P lol. But, I always wanted to do street style posts, and that day was the perfect day to start! :D I screwed my shyness, went over to a girl, and nicely asked her, if I could take her pic of her outfit for my blog, and she was cool about it! YAY!! She later told me that she had  blog too, but started a month ago, and that she likes to make friends with other blogger girls! How awesome, and totally unexpected, that my first street style girl would be a blogger! :D I later took a pic of her friend. After saying bye to the girls, I was soo happy and glad that I left my cousins and roamed around alone. I mean, imagine, if I stayed with them. I would have missed out on meeting the two girls and the rest of the youngsters, I met later on the day! Oh man, I have to say, I'm proud of myself for taking steps to conquer my shyness!! :D lol I love my cousins and all, but I'm not the type of person that likes to sit and chat. I love to go see places and I LOOVE TO EXPLORE!! :D I do enough sitting at home! lol. So throughout the whole day, I searched for people that were dressed nicely, and took their pics! :D <3 I was having fun, and the weather was nice and warm, unlike Sundays weird windy, and cold weather. I'm DEF, going to continue on with street stylin photos! So watch out for FUTURE POSTS!! :D

 Her name is Vanessa, and she has a blog too. :)
Liked her outfit, and loved her necklace. :D

 Vanessa's friend, I liked her hat. :)

 I loved her top <3

This guy's style is awesome! I just had to go up to him and ask him to take a pic of his outfit! :D
His jeans are light grey, it looks white-ish in the pic. -.-

 Loved her style, even though, it's really simple. :)
She has such a cute face, and was really cool!
Oh, and I looove her elephant necklace! <333

 Liked her outfit, I loved her crochet(?) top.

 These girls were so awesome, cool and soo nice! :D
I would say, they were my fav style outfits of that day! :D
I loved everything they were wearing, and how they styled their outfits! <333

Liked her dress, really pretty. :)

She was soo cool!! She has a cute style, and got to talk to her for a bit, and she is just so awesome! :D
She has such a cute baby face. ^^
I loved her nails. :D <3333

And here are some pics of the event. :)
 Loucoumathes are greek donuts, if you guys haven't tried it yet, YOU SHOULD!!!

 People doing a greek dance, or trying to learn.

I watch Eyewithness news channel 7, so had to take pics of the trucks. :D

Kataifi and Baklavaaaa!!! THE BOMB!!!! <3333

 When my sibs and I were younger, we would come to the greek festival, every yr, and pick out a sculpture and paint it. :D I miss those memories <3

That car is smashingly coool!!! lol <333

What I was wearing:

Top: Mine
Jacket: Urban Outfitters
Skinnys: Jolt
Shoes: Zara
Suede bow bracelet: I did it, got a string of suede, and had Anna tie a bow on my wrist. :D <3

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