Last Thursdy's Outfit

5:45 AM

This is the outfit I wore to the pre-funeral of my nana, last Thursday. I didn't have a chance to take pics of my outfit, so the other day I quickly drew myself wearing the outfit. :) 

What I Wore: 
Top- GAP
Draped Vest- The Clothing Market
Skirt- H&M
Tights- I have no idea, my mom got it from some store
Belt- Vintage, my mom's.
Bag- H&M
Shoes- Sam Edelman

When I came home, my mom started doing the laundry, and needed my tops to wash, so I can wear them again to the funeral the next day. She gave me my dad's old pj shirt, that he doesn't wear anymore, and I knotted the shirt, because it was obviously loose and big on me. I looked in the mirror, and LIKED WHAT I SAW! LOL. The shirt went pretty well with the pencil skirt, liked that the top was loose and the skirt was fitted. My mom and twin sister even liked the look, and Anna said, that this look,  looked better than what I actually wore to the pre-funeral! LOL. So I decided to take some pics. :)
A loose top and a fitted pencil skirt, can do wonders. :D lol

Love this pic, it's a trip out. :D

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