Lady Gaga-The Edge Of Glory Video

2:00 AM

Thought the video was ok, I was hoping for it to be more energetic. Though, I thought some parts of the video were cool, like how the video starts, the colors of the pink purple smoke so reminded me of 80's music videos, and I loved that part and how she's walking on the street and it's a close up of her face, loooved that! Also the part of her walking, but her back is showing, loved that too. I loved her make up, her hair, her top and gloves. I have to say, Gaga looks soo great with bleached eyebrows, anyone agree with me? I also liked the parts of her dancing around and having fun, and when she goes up the stairs, I just didn't like all that sexual humping stuff. Other things that I didn't like or bothered me of her music video was when she would do the fist in the air. IT WAS TOO LIGHT!!! IT'S A FIST IN THE AIR, GIVE IT ENERGY!!!  I mean, anyone who does the fist in the air, gives it ENERGY!!! RIGHT?!  Who the hell does it like that?! That's just weird! O.o  Also, it bothered me that she kept looking into the camera. I guess I was having high expectations for this video, it's an awesome song, and I couldn't wait for the video to come out, but this was a bummer. Out of allll the music video's she has done, this is THE WEIRDEST!! LOL.  I was hoping for the video to be like the commercial she did for Google Chrome, which was sooooo much BETTER AND AWESOME! The commercial video fitted the song BETTER! I loved what she was wearing, she just looked so badass cool, loved that she was running on the bridge, it just matched the song sooo much better than her actual music video.

Anyone agree with me, that  the commercial video was sooo much better than the actual video?*

*P.s.: Sorry for not posting last week, there was a death in the family, my nana passed away last Monday, so I was busy every day visiting my relatives and wearing black, which ended up being very annoying and no fun! >.<  By Thursday, I couldn't WAAAIT to get back to wearing COLOR!!! <3333  But, I did take some outfit pics last week, so I'll be posting those  this week!. :) So, STAY TUNED! Thank You <3

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