Songs I Can't Stop Listening Too

4:47 AM

This is EXACTLY how I envisioned the music video to be.....sorta, lol.
BUT, I did envision them to be shuffling/dancing on the streeet, sweeeet!! :D lol
My fav part of the song is when LMFAO says, "Everyday I'm Shuffling", and then the awesome
beats come in, and they dance/shuffle. Omgod, I LOOOOVE THAT PART!!!  LOOOVE THE DANCING!!! And lmao @ jesus towards the end :D

 Towards the end of the video, I noticed Redfoo's outfit, the jacket part. Pretty cool lol, love his pants though :D
Love GoonRocks and Lauren Bennet's outfit too. :D

I loooooove shuffling and have been a fan of it since the beginning of last yr, w00000t @ SHUFFLING!!! :D

*Question: Any of our followers shuffle? Also anyone love the video? :)

Looove this song and the video! Every time I get on my dad's laptop, I go on youtube and listen to this song, I just looove how she sings it and love the lyrics! <3333  Katy Perry is so beautiful and pretty hott as an alien :D lol  *Won't anyone agree?*
The one thing I didn't like of the song was of Kanye's part, I don't like his rap. -.-  Why is it when Kanye is featured in a song, he raps shitty? O.o It doesn't make sense his rap, it doesn't go well with Katy's song. It's weak. :P  I missed the way he rapped when his first album dropped. Now his rapping is a joke and ridiculous.

*Question: What do you guys think of the song/video? Anyone likes Kanye's rapping in the song?

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