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10:11 PM

Cherry Slushy on a Hott Friday, it's good when it's icy, but a overwhelming taste when it's liquid. O.o

A French based fashion book, Elegance, sooo awesome, this is from the 90's. :)
 Anyone heard of this fashion book? 

The inside pages of Elegance, I wish I could have all the books of Elegance.
It would be great for me, because, it shows the model wearing the clothes, and the opposite side, there are
actual fabric sample pieces of what the model is wearing! SOO NEAT! It would be a nice way for me to learn different fabrics, and touch them. :)

I looove this look! This is what I DREAMED to wear over summer @ the beach...okay and other outfits, hahaha lol. :D But mines would be black lace :D 

My carving work, for my print making class. 

A butterfly! 
While cleaning up my oil paints to go home, I folded my wax paper that had you know oil paints, I unfolded it, and I SAW A BUTTERFLY! :D It was cool, I love when images happen from left overs :D

My sister & I after our painting class.
Anna is on the left and I'm on the right, Hot & Cool colors, her painting has hot colors and mines cool colors, and she was wearing a tye dye top in hot colors and I was wearing a tye dye top in cool colors! lol 
So, we had to take this pic. :)

My glass palette shattered into pieces, cause genius me. -.-
This was given to me by a advanced student over spring before my first painting class ended in my old college. :(  He always came to check up on my work, always gave me advice, and believed in me. :)
I took the big chunk glass pieces, and I want to give it a new life and make something from the broken chunk pieces, because there was meaning behind my glass palette.

I this ice cream

Me :D

Reading BAZAAR mags, and sketching out fashion ideas for my printmaking assignment. :)

My carving tool

The sky from my bedroom window :)


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