My Simple Outfit Look

9:59 PM

What I was Wearing:
Top - Mine... 
Jeans - Jolt from Macy's
Shoes - Zara

I know it's been several months since I've done a outfit post, I really missed doing them, so I decided to take pics of what I was wearing on Monday, while I was taking care of some uni stuff.

I looove this apple print top, too cute, my fav buy from last yr, and it's my fav top to wear over summer days ♥ And since this outfit look was too simple, I decided to cuff the jeans at the bottom, to give the outfit a lil more style :)

This pic was taken this Monday and I wanted to make the post yesterday, buut, there was a problem with my stupid camera. :(  My twin took some pics of me at the uni, and while I uploaded the pics to the pc, I couldn't see the rest of my PICTURES!!! AND THEY WERE GOOOD!!! :((( So angry, I don't get it, it said, sorry this pic is unavailable because it's damaged. -.-  I could see them in the camera, but I can't see them on the pc :(
So, I uploaded 1 pic, better than no pics right? ^^
If you guys want to see a clear shot of the apple top, click on this post. :)


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