Part 2 of My 4th Of July Nails

3:48 AM

I originally wanted to post this pic & video on my July 4th post with the other nail tutorial, but thanks to my horrendous net that I loath sooo deeply much, that didn't happen. I mean just uploading my first nail tutorial video, it took soo many hrs and retrys, because my net was that bad and so unstable! >.<
I'm still having trouble with my net, just making this post :(((( 

Anyways, I loove this nail art idea far more than the first NIY post, it's just different, and it's OMBRE! :D
I haven't seen this patriotic ombre nail art yet, sooo....I hope I'm the first one :D lol :P

Oh, and excuse my nail polishes, especially the white one, it's only a yr old and it's already aging and it's clumpy. :(  I used what I had, I hope to get new nail art nail polishes when I get the chance, and I'd love to get  nail art polishes in pinks/reds, to redo this look. :) 

How was your 4th of July?


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