Black & White + A Lil Neon

8:46 PM

Ummm...I accidently clicked on the insert jump break icon and now i don't know how to remove it. -.-
Sorry guys, but plz look at the post :) thanks

I made this collage on Polyvore, my first collage, and this outfit idea was inspired by a loose tank I saw at a store. It was black and white vertical lines, and I wish I bought it, because, I immediately saw myself in a outfit with that top! I visualized wearing my H&M black mini leather skirt with the black and white loose tank, that's tucked in at the front and the back is out, wearing sandals from H&M (the ones that have a single neon strap at the front, and the back is black straps), my hair out and my bracelets I made, the skulls and the friendship bracelets. :)

Soo, since seeing that loose tank, I decided to put a similar outfit close to my visual idea. :D
I think I'll do a lil illustration of what I visualized in my mind, to show you guys. :)


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