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2:06 AM

Finalllly I get to show you all MY TALENT!! :D
 I LOOOOVE FASHION ILLUSTRATION, AND HAVE A BIG PASSION FOR IT!! And just illustration in general ! I mainly come up with my own fashion ideas, and don't really do copy drawings, but I'm afraid if I put up my fashion illustrations based on my own fashion ideas, I'm afraid someone will copy my ideas, and I reallllly don't want that to happen. So I decided to draw a model from the EXPRESS Catalog 
to show you my fashion illustration style. :)

Drawn with a H pencil
Colored with Prisma color pencils & prisma markers
and used acrylic white paint on the belt, earrings, bracelets, and clutch

I'm self taught in fashion illustration, and have been doing it for 6 to 7 yrs! :D
Wow....LOL, I had to count how many yrs I have been drawing fashion. I'm shocked, and proud of myself.
Because looking back when I was starting out, I would look on deviant art for fashion illustrations, and say...WOW! I WANT TO DRAW LIKE THAT! I WANT TO BE SOO GOOD! And here I am...I am drawing pretty good, and coloring damn good! I amaze myself sometimes when it comes to my talent, and how far I have come.
I LOVE Fashion & Art

P.S. : Sorry for not looking back and making a comment to my followers, I've been busy with my class studying for the final, and that is why I haven't been post anything new, till today for which I had some time. :D

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